Custom handmade English bridle leather belts made by Charles Findlay in London for mongoose moon. Click here to see all my handmade leather belts.

Custom handmade English bridle leather belts are made with a passion for leather and attention to detail. These high-quality solid belts stand out from the crowd in their strength, quality, and beauty, they are particularly popular with men for wearing with jeans.

Custom handmade leather belts: I use only the finest quality leather that I have chosen directly from the tannery.  Currently, I have over 20 hides in stock, each one is unique and will only become more beautiful with age and use. Choose the width of belt, style and finish of buckle, type and colour of leather.

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Custom made to your requirements, each belt is cut using a traditional plough gauge. The edges coated and burnished using a bone folder. Each belt ends with an English point. I punch 5 oval holes at one-inch intervals, the middle hole made to suit your measurement. Please follow my measuring instructions and your belt should fit perfectly.

Width: to buy from my handmade leather belts collection select the width of a belt to suit the style of your clothing. ~ 2 inch ~ 1.75 inch ~ 1.62 inch ~ 1.5 inch ~ 1 inch

Buckle style & leather type: first select the width of belt you require, then choose the style and finish of buckle.  All my buckles are made from solid brass, they are also available with a nickel plated finish. I use 5 matching solid brass rivets to attach the leather to the buckle. Next, select the colour and type of leather required. I am not able to show every possible combination of buckle and leather. My collection shows my customers most favourite combinations.  Contact me if you do not see the exact belt you would like to buy. I love to work with English bridle leather of exceptional quality from J & F J Baker of Colyton, Devon. This is the only remaining oak bark tannery in England. They provide me with vegetable tanned leather which is suitable for all my buckle styles while the thicker oak bark tanned leather is only suitable for certain buckles styles. Please view my specific pages or contact us for more advice.

Prices: Our prices range from £75.00 to £120.00 depending on your choice of belt width and type of leather.

Order: you are now ready to place your order.  I will contact you to confirm your measurement once I receive your order. It is highly important that I have an accurate measurement to work from.

Shipping: I ship using Royal Mail next day, signed for delivery. Cost of P&P in the UK is £8.50. mongoose moon belts are sold worldwide, please check the shipping rates for more detailed information. Your order will arrive within 7 to 10 working days. I carefully package the belts with a protective sleeve to protect the surface of the leather while in the post.

Help: Call Charles on 0208 470 6443 if you have any questions regarding your order. You can also request to see other leather currently in stock.

Charles with Malcolm at J&FJ Baker it is Britain's only remaining traditional oak bark tannery

Charles with Malcolm at J&FJ Baker it is Britain’s only remaining traditional oak bark tannery

Custom handmade leather belts worn by Charlie Findlay with Triumph Tiger

Handmade leather belts as worn by Charles Findlay with Triumph Tiger