Please use these samples as a guide to your choice of colour.

We usually have over 20 pieces of leather in stock. Your choice of buckle will largely determine the thickness of leather used to make your belt. If you have a particular preference please discuss this with Charlie so he can advise you on a suitable combination of leather thickness and buckle style.

     LONDON TAN – this is derived from tannum (oak bark) used in the tanning of leather. This colour changes most dramatically with age when it takes on a unique patina.

  DARK STAINED OAK – this colour beautifully enhances the texture and unique qualities in uncorrected leather.

  AUSTRALIAN NUT & NEWMARKET – these leathers are a deep nutty red, some are more red than others. Please specify your preference when discussing your order.

  DARK HAVANNA – is a deep exotic colour somewhere between the darkest brown and black.

  BLACK – a smooth and even coloured leather available in varying thicknesses, The very thick leather is 6 – 7 mm thick and creates a wonderful sturdy belt, often a popular choice with our customers.



Colour samples of J&FJ Baker Co. Ltd leather samples for handmade leather belts


As all pieces of leather are unique and take the dye differently it is therefore nearly impossible to order leather by the name of the dye used. I suggest you use the colour options to make your choice and Charlie will match the hide to this colour together with any other requirements we have discussed, the thickness of leather etc.

Different computer screens, operating systems and even different web browsers have different colour characteristics, so its just about impossible to get a given colour to look the same on every screen. Having said this I have never had a customer dissatisfied with the colour or quality of the leather I have used.