All our leather hides are individually hand stained using natural vegetable dyes.

Once dyed each hide takes on its own unique colour.

Please use these samples as a guide to your choice of colour.

Colour samples

Hides are available as both corrected and uncorrected.

Colours from left to right:  

London ~ Tan.

Dark stain oak ~ This colour enhances the texture and unique qualities in uncorrected leather hides.

Australian nut & Newmarket ~ These colours are often very difficult to tell apart.

Dark Havana ~ Is a deep exotic colour, somewhere between the darkest brown and black.

Black ~ A smooth and even coloured leather available in varying thickness. If you are looking for a really sturdy black belt, this is the leather for you.

As all hides are unique and take the dye differently it is nearly impossible to order leather by the name of the dye used. I suggest you use the colour options to make your choice and I will match the hide to this colour together with any other requirements we have discussed, the thickness of leather etc.

Please note: Different computer screens, operating systems, and even different web browsers have different colour characteristics, so it’s just about impossible to get a given colour to look the same on every screen. Having said this I have never had a customer dissatisfied with the colour or quality of the leather I have used.