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Mongoose moon handmade leather belts website launched in 2006 by Rachel Leach and Charles Findlay.


Selling handmade leather belts: It all started with a small collection of belts made by Charles Findlay in London. He is a man with a strong passion for high-quality leather. He searched for the very best leather available in the UK, leather hides that are exceptionally beautiful and extra strong and sturdy. He discovered the oak bark tannery in Colyton, Devon. Charles fell in love, it was the place, the smell, the processes and its history. This tannery is over 400 years old. They use traditional tanning methods within the original tannery buildings. The mill stream still supplies the energy required to agitate the deep tanning vats. Charles always personally selects the leather he buys. Each piece of leather is completely unique in colour, texture and handle. Charles is always happy to discuss subtle variations in the leather hides he currently has in stock.

Mongoose moon launched 2006 by Rachel Leach and Charlie Findlay

Bakers historic tannery Devon

Selling unique necklaces made from semi precious stones and silver: designed and made in the UK. We donate 100% of the profit from these sales to the leprosy charity Lepra.

Selling Khadi paper greetings cards:  each individually made using photographs taken by Jonathan Leach.

Selling handwoven silk scarves: from Little Flower leprosy rehabilitation village, Bihar, India. Please watch this short film about their process of making silk scarves.

What does the future hold?: It is now time to build each product its own website.

Our aim: to raise money to help support people whose lives have been affected by leprosy. Rachel’s parents lived and worked for 15 years in several leprosy settlements in East Africa in the 1950’s and 60’s. As a tribute to their work, we donate 20% from our sales of mongoose moon belts. In 2016 Little Flower took part in a fair-trade event where the people were educated in the craft of dyeing with natural indigo. They are now developing these skills making cotton shibori scarves and cushions.  We look forward to selling their new eco-friendly products in the near future.

Mongoose moon launched 2006 by Rachel Leach and Charlie Findlay

Children at Little Flower leprosy rehabilitation village, Bihar, India