About us



In 2006 mongoose moon launched a small collection of handmade leather belts by Charlie Findlay. His passion for high quality leather goods inspired him to create this collection. When we first arrived at the oak bark tannery in Devon we fell in love with the old buildings. The smell of the leather, the processes and all its history, it was an experience that we will never forget. Charlie thoroughly enjoys working with leather from the J&FJ Baker Tannery, it is leather in a league of its own and he therefore guarantees each belt to last you a lifetime.

 At mongoose moon we support the charity lepra and Little Flower leprosy rehabilitation village in Bihar, India.  We want to help those who are affected by leprosy. Our current charity products are pillows filled with organic buckwheat husks. Inspired by the traditional Japanese pillows, makura. They are designed to help you achieve a comfortable and restorative nights sleep as your neck and head are comfortably supported while keeping your spine in a natural alignment. They are sewn by Rachel using natural and organic British woven fabrics. We are currently donating our profit of £20 from each pillow sale to the charity Lepra. See our organic buckwheat husk pillows here.

Rachel’s family has a long standing history supporting people afflicted by leprosy. Her father worked for Lepra in East Africa during the 1950’s and 60’s and both her parents continued to raise funds for Lepra all their lives. They never forgot those people and what they had to endure. Walter Leach was a stained glass artist while Joan, his wife made beaded jewellery. Please view our facebook page to learn more about leprosy.


Handmade leather belts worn by Charles Findlay with Triumph Tiger

A handmade leather belt worn by Charles Findlay with Triumph Tiger plus horsehide leather jacket.