Organic buckwheat husk pillow 


Orthopaedic buckwheat husk pillows, organic fabric and filling. This Makura is a traditional Japanese pillow. These pillows have helped people achieve comfortable and restorative nights sleep for centuries in Japan. Using buckwheat husks in a bed pillow seemed rather strange at first. The husks give amazing support for your neck and head while keeping your spine in a natural alignment. They may offer relief from back and shoulder pain, insomnia, headaches and neck pain etc.

WHY USE THIS TYPE OF PILLOW? Rachel started making these orthopaedic pillows because she suffered from intense stiffness in her shoulders. After using this type of pillow for several months she found this stiffness was gradually easing until one day it was gone. Rachel does believe this is the best pillow she has ever encountered and she has sourced the very best natural fabrics and fillings available.

SIZE: Each orthopaedic buckwheat husk pillow measures approximately 51cm X 33cm. This size creates a pillow that is not too heavy and easy to snuggle up to. The compressed buckwheat husks allow air to circulate and keep your head cool.

BUCKWHEAT: The organic buckwheat husks are grown in Ormskirk, Lancashire. They are thoroughly cleaned to ensure your pillow feels light and has a fresh aroma. You may be interested in how buckwheat is grown in the UK and the many benefits of growing this plant.

FABRICS: We offer a selection of fabrics that are natural and organic. These beautiful fabrics are all woven in Burnley, Lancashire.

ADJUSTMENT: To adjust the amount of buckwheat inside your pillow snip the hand stitches and add or subtract some buckwheat husks. You may purchase extra buckwheat husks from Mongoose Moon for £5 include P&P. please contact us. Your aim is to achieve a natural spinal alignment. Once you have made your adjustment restitch the pillow with the needle and thread provided. We decided on hand stitches rather than a zipper as this is the more sustainable option. The pillow also feels nicer to snuggle up to without a zip.

CARE: These orthopaedic buckwheat husk pillows will last you for many years. Instead of buying a new pillow you can remove the husks, wash the pillow fabric and dry naturally. Try using Terrawash, it is an ecological way of washing fabrics. Do not attempt to wash the buckwheat husks. Once removed from the pillow the husks can be placed in the sun to naturally cleanse them. Be careful not to place them in a draughty space, they may blow away! You can top up your buckwheat husks at anytime to keep your pillow feeling supportive. The buckwheat is tested to meet the UK regulations required for bedding. Eventually when you need to dispose of your pillow the husks can go in the compost and the fabric recycled.

PILLOW SLIPS: Mongoose Moon can also supply crisp 100% cotton pillow slips to fit over your makura. Traditionally this is a band of cloth that partially covers the pillow.

CHARITY: We are currently donating 100% from our pillow sales to the charity lepra, to help those people whose lives are affected by leprosy.

DELIVERY: UK delivery only due to the weight of product.



Pillow with dark blue ticking stripe

Size: approximately 51cm x 33 cm

UK delivery only.

Pillow with grey ticking stripe.

Size: approxiamately 51 cm x 33 cm

UK delivery only.

Pillow with pale pink ticking stripe.

Size: approximately 51 cm x 33 cm

UK  delivery only.

Having one of Rachel’s beautiful Makura pillows has really improved the way I sleep. I use it most evenings and the organic buckwheat husk is a revelation to. The pillow is perfectly plump for me, providing brilliant neck support and the husks themselves are cool which was brilliant recently when I had a high fever as it helped to regulate my temperature. The finishing of the pillow is beautiful, it’s minimal design shows exquisite details and hand finishing. I like that it comes with a needle and thread should one wish to customise their pillow by removing some husks. I love this product and would highly recommend it. Emmi

Ever since I got your pillow I have used it and I also really love it, the support it gives my neck is exactly what I need and also sleeping on my side is comfortable as well which I was not so sure about initially so thank you soooo much. Debs

Just to let you know how excellent your orthopaedic buckwheat husk pillow is. Since using it for the past 2 months the neck ache I used to to get has diminished and disappeared. Also my head doesn’t get as hot as it did before. Carey

I love the support of my Japanese organic buckwheat husk linen pillow. It has eased much referred tension down into my arms from my neck and shoulders. I find my head unable to truly rest and let go without it now! The pillows are made with much love and detailed attention, adding beauty and authenticity to the bedroom. Susan

I love my pillow. Irene

Thank you so much for sending the orthopaedic pillow, my head used to get so hot at night but no longer. I found it very comfortable and have difficulty waking up in the morning! Regards Jane

Thank you for your excellent orthopaedic pillow, it is proving brilliant at relieving my stiff neck and alleviating migraines. Since using the pillow I have not suffered a single migraine. The pillow is a beautiful handmade piece and I shall be recommending them to my friends. Jeremy

If you need a good solid restful nights sleep don’t hesitate to try these pillows. At first they seem hard compared to ones normal pillow but as soon as you nestle your head within it you drift away. You need to try it for yourself to appreciate this new sleeping experience. Wake up and see!!!! Sian

Thank you for making me a larger pillow than your standard size, it is perfect for someone my size. I have to sleep on my side, and your pillow helps keep the pressure off my shoulder as it pushes into the mattress. My shoulder used to ache so much it sometimes woke me up, but the firmness of the buckwheat takes the pressure off my shoulder and stops it hurting, so I’m very pleased you made me a larger one. Thank you very much! William

The pillow is especially good for neck support encouraging a straighter neck position. It also has a satisfying rustle reminding me of the outdoors while being in a warm and comfortable bed.

Having suffered a very painful neck condition for many years I have always relied on a shaped orthopaedic pillow to relieve the pain and help me to sleep. Unfortunately being made of memory foam it makes me hot and sweaty during the night. I have tried the organic buckwheat husk pillow for the past month and although feeling very strange at first I very quickly got used to it and find that I can shape it to support my neck and head very easily and it has the added advantage of being made of natural filling and fibres and is therefore much cooler than the foam orthopaedic pillow. Whilst the change has not dramatically affected the level of pain to date it is cooler and more comfortable. Anna.