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Organic buckwheat husk pillow

MAKURA – Orthopaedic pillows


A traditional Japanese orthopaedic pillow that has helped people achieve comfortable and restorative nights sleep for centuries in Japan. Using buckwheat husks in a pillow at first seemed rather strange. The husks give extra support for your neck and head while keeping your spine in a natural alignment.  The pillows assist in a great nights sleep and can also give support while resting in a chair or sofa. They may offer relief from back and shoulder pain, insomnia, headaches and neck pain etc. 

SIZE: Each orthopaedic pillow measures approximately 20 inches X 13 inches. This size creates a pillow that is not too heavy and easy to snuggle up to.  The compressed buckwheat husks allow air to circulate and keep your head cool.

BUCKWHEAT: The organic buckwheat husks are grown in Ormskirk, Lancashire where they are thoroughly cleaned to ensure your pillow feels light and has a fresh aroma. You may be interested in how buckwheat is grown in the UK and the many benefits of growing this plant.    

FABRICS: We offer a selection of fabrics both organic and non-organic. These beautiful fabrics are all woven in Burnley, Lancashire, the birthplace of the world’s industrialised cotton weaving industry in the north of England.

ADJUSTMENT: As each person’s needs may vary slightly we have hand stitched a section at one end of the pillow to allow our customers to easily open the pillow and adjust the number of buckwheat husks inside their orthopaedic pillow for optimum comfort and spine alignment. We enclose a needle and thread with instructions on how to restitch the pillow using a basic overcast stitch, please watch our ‘how to’ video if you need additional help. We decided not to incorporate a zip fastener in our pillows as this would make our product less sustainable and involve the use of either a plastic or a metal zipper. The act of fastening the pillow using stitches is not only a good skill to acquire but is also kinder to our environment and we like to encourage that.      

CARE: Mongoose moon can also supply beautiful crisp 100% cotton pillow slips to fit your Makura, coming soon…… We suggest you use 2 pillow slips per pillow. These pillows will last you for many years. Instead of buying a new pillow you can wash the pillow fabric in warm water and dry naturally. Do not attempt to wash the buckwheat husks. Once removed from the pillow the husks can be placed in the sun to naturally cleanse them. You may purchase extra organic buckwheat husks from mongoose moon to top up your pillow filling if needed. 

The buckwheat is tested to meet the UK  fire regulations required for bedding. 

When eventually you need to dispose of your pillow the husks can go in your compost bin.

CHARITY: To promote this new product we are giving 100% from each pillow sale to the charity lepra. 75 pillow sales will raise £1500 to help people whose lives are affected by leprosy. This promotion gives you a pillow filled with organic buckwheat husks for £20 + postage & packaging. This offer covers the sale of our first 75 pillows. All we ask is that you write a review for us.


CONTACT: Please email rachel@mongoosemoon.com if you have any questions.

More fabric choices will be available.

Organic buckwheat husk pillow

Organic buckwheat husk orthopaedic pillow in an organic natural linen cover with dark blue cotton ticking stripes.


The pillow is especially good for neck support encouraging a straighter neck position. It also has a satisfying rustle reminding me of the outdoors while being in a warm and comfortable bed.  Barbara.