buckwheat husk pillow slip


Made using 100% natural cotton. Choose the correct size to fit your pillow.

100% cotton pillow slip,
delicate blue stripe.
100% cotton pillow slip,
delicate cream stripe.
100% cotton pillow slip,
delicate green stripe.
100% cotton pillow slip,
delicate black stripe.

Our cotton fabric is lovely and soft to the touch, woven in a textile mill in Burnley Lancashshire. During the weaving process no chemicals are added, the only finishing treatment given is a wash in pure Pennine water. Delicate stripes, like tiny running stitches, add a touch of colour to the cream pillow slips, the coloured stripes complement the ticking stripe of the pillow.

It is fun to choose your own colour combinations. By choosing different ticking colours you can ensure you have your own pillow to sleep with, a pillow that is filled with the amount of buckwheat to suit your personal needs. 

EXTRA  BUCKWHEAT HUSKS:  You can order extra buckwheat husks to make your pillow fuller and firmer. Each packet contains 150 grams of organic buckwheat husks. The packet is designed so you can easily pour the contents into your pillow. At one end of the pillow you will find a section of hand stitching, gently remove these stitches to insert the buckwheat husks into the pillow, the rest of the pillow will not unravel. Once filled to suit your requirements the pillow can be restitched using the needle and thread provided. The majority of my customers find the pillows comfortable as they are, others prefer a bit more buckwheat husk, this is the usual amount required.                                                                                                                                                                                                  BUY  HUSKS

If you would like to hear more about the benefits of buckwheat please click here, it is a great plant in so many ways.


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