SPEY ~ 2 inch wide handmade leather belt (5cm) solid brass buckle.


VINTAGE STYLE solid brass buckle. Great belt to wear with combat trousers that have wide belt loops.

Made in London +
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This 2 inch extra wide leather belt has a traditional military style solid brass buckle. It is a perfect belt to wear with combat trousers or any jeans that have large belt loops. This width of belt may be too wide for many styles of trousers, for this reason we also stock this buckle style in sizes:  1.75 inch wide (4.5cm) called Findhorn and 1.62 inch wide (4.1cm)called Forth. It is very important to choose the correct thickness of leather for this style of buckle, please contact Charlie for his advice before placing your order. He has a large selection of hides in various colours and thicknesses. This is a very popular style of double pronged buckle, it can also be nickel plated if you wish.

Please see our home page for more information about our company and the fabulous leather Charlie will use to make your belt.