FIDDICH ~ 2 inch wide handmade leather belt (5cm) nickel plated buckle.


Made in London +
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This English bridle leather belt for jeans has our most popular style of buckle, a ‘west end roller’. This style of buckle can easily accommodate the extra strong and sturdy oak bark leather. If you are looking for a particularly solid belt that is still easy and comfortable to wear this one will not disappoint you.

Please measure carefully to check that this belt width will fit through the loops on your trousers or jeans and also consider the thickness of the leather. If in any doubt please contact Charlie as our stock of leather hides vary in thickness from around 4mm to 6.5mm. Charlie will be very pleased to communicate with you to make sure you receive a belt that has been made to your personal specifications.

If you particularly like this style of buckle the Lowland belt buckle is very similar in shape and the width of the leather belt is just 1.5 inches wide (3.8cm). This size may be more suited to your trousers of jeans.

Please see our home page for more information about our company and the wonderful British tanned leather we use to make your belt.