Organic buckwheat husk orthopaedic pillow – Grey


OUR ORTHOPAEDIC BUCKWHEAT HUSK PILLOW: gives continuous support to your head and neck throughout the night. As each persons needs are different you are easily able to add or subtract some buckwheat husks as needed. These orthopaedic buckwheat husk pillows suit those who sleep in any position. For your optimum comfort you should aim for complete spinal alignment. Those who practise yoga and pilates will understand the importance of spinal alignment and its affect on our feelings of wellbeing. Please read about some of our customers experiences with our pillows………

DELIVERY: This product is made to order, delivery will be made within 7 days of order provided the fabric chosen is in stock.

PILLOW SLIPS: Add 100% white cotton pillow slip to your order for just £7.00, or two for £12.00 please select this option.