Belt reviews



“I have received the belt. It is a brilliant piece of work.” Ed.

This is perfection. A serious piece of kit, if I were to put my shirt tucked inside my jeans I am sure there would be a lot of people asking about this belt. Thanks very much, Richard.

Many thanks. Just wanted to confirm I have received the belts and that I am very pleased with them. They are excellent and fit perfectly. Thank you once again for your time and help. I will definitely continue to keep an eye on your website and product line. Much appreciated. Kind regards, Michael.

The belt is brilliant. Beautiful leather and fits well. I love it and when I get back from visiting family abroad, 2nd week in October, I will order one more. I’m well pleased Charlie. Thank you very much for your care and attention and a lovely belt. I’ll try and give you a bell during the week. I’ve made a note to call you when I get back for another belt. A brown one probably. Quality belt mate. All the best. Regards, Bob.

I received the belts this morning and they look great!  I went to the Mongoose Moon website and paid for them (since I know the “routine” very well now!) Thanks again!! Best regards, Steve.

Amazing, beautiful belt purchased to replace an old favourite. It now lives permanently in my favourite blue jeans. Excellent quality. Thank you very much. Jeremy.

The belt arrived today, safe and sound! And a fine work of leather craftsmanship it is, it has a nice sheen to it, just as I anticipated.  Definitely the most handsome belt I own. Thanks and take care! Jay.

Belt just arrived a few minutes back. An object of beauty and a perfect fit! Much better quality and sturdier than my usual belt, a supposed gun belt made in Germany, which has gone soft on me after 5 Yrs of daily use. I’ve worn the belt all day since pulling it from the packet and am Impressed with the way that although it’s so much stiffer and heavier leather than my old one it’s so much more comfortable. I was always aware of the other one when sitting down but your’s sits comfortably in place, unfelt all the time. All the best, Pat.

Picked up the belts from the post office yesterday, both excellent examples of your craft, immediately put one on. The quality of the leather and buckle is only matched by the workmanship. Glad I asked for 8 inches from the centre, perfect fit, (in my opinion) best regards, thanks again. Roger.

Just got back from picking up daughter Kylie from the airport, she just flew in from London and had your belt in her luggage. Took a while but well worth the wait – it is a fabulous belt, Thank You! Nik.

Good morning, Thank You very much for your kind attention. Last night I already received my leather belt, but one of my friends looked very interested in your belt, He is very good to me. So I am very sorry, but I gave it to him as a present, and I will now disturb you if you don’t mind! to order another belt. Reg.

I hope all is well. I fancy a black belt but before ordering was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding which leather, and which buckle. A while ago you mention black, presumably a silver buckle is best, I was thinking Lossie like my other brown belts.
Previously I had 6mm thick, 1.75 ins wide, Lossie buckle, leather retaining loops and I was thinking similar in black? My waist is as before 88 cms/34.65 ins.
Hopefully as before we will be able to meet again in the west end at some point rather than have the belt posted? Kind Regards, Graham.

You have made a beautiful belt for me. I would like to order another belt now. Many Thanks,  Robert.

I will now be ordering 3 belts, 1 brown, 1 black and 1 in cherry. Many thanks. Its just a start, and I’d hope to get other bits and pieces for my family etc. later on.  Paul.

The belt arrived today. The colour is perfect and the workmanship is top notch in every way. I will not get a chance to try it until this evening but I’m sure it will fit perfectly, I’ll let you know. Thank you for your help and excellent service. I have no doubt I will be coming back to you soon for possibly another belt. Thanks again, kind regards,  Graham.